Plastic & Rubber Processing Machinery


TSUENSAINT Automatic Hybrid Servo Type Injection Molding Machine D90-180

The TSUENSAINT automatic hybrid servo type injection molding machine D90-180, a cutting-edge solution in injection molding. This machine seamlessly integrates a servo system with a high-response controller into the machine cycle, ensuring optimal performance. The hybrid design makes it a preferred choice for ultra-thin-wall and high-precision product processing, providing versatility and efficiency in molding applications.

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TSUENSAINT S Series Dual Color Machine Two Color Injection Molding Machine US/150T-550T

The TSUENSAINT S series dual color machine (US/150T-550T), a cutting-edge solution for two-color injection molding. The machine features a 180° rotary table unit on the moving platen, ensuring accurate and swift positioning during mold opening. Equipped with hydraulic or servo motor-driven rotation, it facilitates precision. The S Series excels in synchronous injection of bi-component heterogeneous materials, making it ideal for processing and manufacturing dual-color and sandwich material products.

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TSUENSAINT M Series Mixed Color/Sandwich Machine UM/150T-550T

The TSUENSAINT M series mixed color/sandwich machine (UM/150T-550T), a versatile solution for mix color products. With a dual injection unit and single-runner system, it initiates solidification from the mold cavity wall, followed by injecting a different material for final molding. The specialized two-position controller enables separate and precise control of both injection units, facilitating the production of vibrant, high-quality, and colorful end-products.

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TSUENSAINT Nylon Kabelbinder Injection Molding Machine HJ/360-580T

The TSUENSAINT nylon strap cable tie injection molding machine (HJ/360-580T) boasts efficiency with a single-cylinder injection system and precision pneumatic self-locking nozzle. Specially designed for PA material, it ensures fast feeding, excellent plasticizing, and accurate temperature control. The increased oil circuit design meets fast molding requirements, while the Nano far-infrared heating device ensures rapid and energy-efficient plasticizing.

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Metal & Metallurgy Machinery


TSUENSAINT Hook Button Metal Badge Die-casting Machine 300kn-2000kn

The TSUENSAINT hot chamber die casting press machine, designed for precision in producing hardware, hooks, buttons, and metal badges. With a clamping force ranging from 300kN to 2000kN, this machine excels in die-casting processes, ensuring high-quality and intricate results. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with TSUENSAINT's advanced technology for efficient and reliable production.

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TSUENSAINT Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Magnesium Alloy Products Clamping Force 1400kn-20800kn

The TSUENSAINT cold chamber die-casting machine, specifically crafted for magnesium alloy products. With a versatile clamping force spanning from 1400kN to 20800kN, this machine ensures precision and efficiency in the production of magnesium alloy components. Trust in a reliable solution designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs, delivering optimal performance across a broad clamping force range.

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Machine Tool Equipment


TSUENSAINT APC SERIES Double Crank Precision Press Machine 110-315T

The TSUENSAINT APC series double crank precision press machine (110-315T) is crafted with precision in mind, the machine body is meticulously welded from quality steel sheets. Through a tension elimination treatment, this ensures enhanced stability and reliability, contributing to the precision of the machine. The press machine stands as a reliable solution, marrying robust construction with a commitment to achieving high-precision metalworking results.

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TSUENSAINT APU/W Series Eccentric Gear Precision Press Machine 300-2000T

The TSUENSAINT APU/W series eccentric gear precision press machine (300-2000T). Featuring an all-steel split fuselage for robust construction, an eccentric gear transmission ensures precision in metalworking. The machine incorporates four-corner octahedral guide rails for stable operations. With hydraulic overload protection and thin oil automatic lubrication, the APU/W Series exemplifies reliability, efficiency, and safety in a wide tonnage range, meeting diverse industrial needs.

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TSUENSAINT APN Series Close Type Single Crank High Precision Presses 160-600T

The TSUENSAINT APN series close-type single crank high precision presses, ranging from 160 to 600 tons. Partnering with AOMATE, we offer comprehensive support, including technical design and engineering expertise for appliance projects. Our press machines, renowned for high precision, reflect a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Choose TSUENSAINT for precision and AOMATE for dedicated technical support in realizing your projects.

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TSUENSAINT APD Series Semi-closed Precision Press Machine 80-315T

The TSUENSAINT APD series semi-closed precision press machine, available in tonnages ranging from 80 to 315 tons. Featuring a unique design with the slid board and slid board balancer at the same center, this configuration ensures even force distribution, promoting stable and precise motion. The APD Series stands as a testament to TSUENSAINT's commitment to precision engineering, making it an ideal solution for various industrial applications requiring stable and accurate metal forming.

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