Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machines


TSUENSAINT Automatic Hybrid Servo Type Injection Molding Machine D90-180

The TSUENSAINT automatic hybrid servo type injection molding machine D90-180, a cutting-edge solution in injection molding. This machine seamlessly integrates a servo system with a high-response controller into the machine cycle, ensuring optimal performance. The hybrid design makes it a preferred choice for ultra-thin-wall and high-precision product processing, providing versatility and efficiency in molding applications.

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TSUENSAINT S Series Dual Color Machine Two Color Injection Molding Machine US/150T-550T

The TSUENSAINT S series dual color machine (US/150T-550T), a cutting-edge solution for two-color injection molding. The machine features a 180° rotary table unit on the moving platen, ensuring accurate and swift positioning during mold opening. Equipped with hydraulic or servo motor-driven rotation, it facilitates precision. The S Series excels in synchronous injection of bi-component heterogeneous materials, making it ideal for processing and manufacturing dual-color and sandwich material products.

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TSUENSAINT M Series Mixed Color/Sandwich Machine UM/150T-550T

The TSUENSAINT M series mixed color/sandwich machine (UM/150T-550T), a versatile solution for mix color products. With a dual injection unit and single-runner system, it initiates solidification from the mold cavity wall, followed by injecting a different material for final molding. The specialized two-position controller enables separate and precise control of both injection units, facilitating the production of vibrant, high-quality, and colorful end-products.

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TSUENSAINT Nylon Kabelbinder Injection Molding Machine HJ/360-580T

The TSUENSAINT nylon strap cable tie injection molding machine (HJ/360-580T) boasts efficiency with a single-cylinder injection system and precision pneumatic self-locking nozzle. Specially designed for PA material, it ensures fast feeding, excellent plasticizing, and accurate temperature control. The increased oil circuit design meets fast molding requirements, while the Nano far-infrared heating device ensures rapid and energy-efficient plasticizing.

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TSUENSAINT Two Platen Injection Molding Machine Automatic Plastic Pipe Making Machine Z/680T-3000T

TSUENSAINT Z Series (Z/680T - Z/3000T) is an advanced two-platen injection molding machine for automatic plastic pipe production. Its customizable opening stroke ensures flexibility to meet product demands. Agile mold opening and clamping improve cycle times, enhancing stability. The robust design increases service life and reduces maintenance costs. The frame platen's strong stiffness optimizes space efficiency. This machine offers a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for high-quality plastic molding.

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TSUENSAINT H Series High Speed Injection Molding Machine HJ/230-3000

The TSUENSAINT H series high-speed injection molding machine excels in thin-wall production with a robust clamping structure (HJ/230-3000). Its high-load design ensures stability for diverse needs. The hydraulic system, paired with a high-response controller, ensures shorter cycles and meets high-speed/precision requirements. Durable features like oil self-lubricating bushings and quality steel rods enhance performance and longevity.

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TSUENSAINT U / J Type Energy Saving Servo Injection Mold Machine UJ/90T-3000T

The TSUENSAINT U / J Type Energy Saving Servo injection mold Machine UJ/90T-3000T, a flagship in the National Torch Plan, showcases our leadership in energy-efficient technology. As pioneers in this field, our servo motor system precisely controls machine actions, achieving a 45%-75% energy-saving efficiency. The high-response system enhances machine working efficiency to 98% or more, underscoring our commitment to excellence and sustainability in injection molding technology.

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TSUENSAINT All Electric Injection Molding Machine

TSUENSAINT's all electric injection molding machine features a high-rigidity, self-locking five-point toggle mechanism, ensuring fast response and smooth, agile mold opening and closing actions. Its high-pressure locking mechanism extends the lifespan of the locking screw and mold. With a user-friendly interface and precise control, this specialized machine offers efficient production management and process control.

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TSUENSAINT IBM Series Injection &Blow Molding Machine

The TSUENSAINT IBM series injection & blow molding machine represents a cutting-edge solution in the field of manufacturing. This machine seamlessly integrates injection molding and blow molding processes, offering versatile capabilities for producing complex hollow parts with precision and efficiency. Its advanced design and control systems ensure reliable performance and high-quality output, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of molding applications.

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TSUENSAINT High-speed Machine For New Energy Packaging

The TSUENSAINT's cutting-edge high-speed machine, specifically designed to meet the demands of new energy packaging. This innovative solution ensures efficient and precise packaging processes for various new energy products. With advanced technology and robust construction, it delivers exceptional performance and reliability, optimizing production efficiency and ensuring high-quality packaging results.

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