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Machine Tool Equipment


TSUENSAINT APY Series Double Crank Precision Press Machine 100-1600T

The TSUENSAINT APY series double crank precision press machine, available in tonnages from 100 to 1600 tons. Characterized by its advanced technical optimized structure, the machine body is crafted from welded high-quality steel sheets and treated for tension elimination, ensuring durability. Key components undergo hard chrome plating/nitrogen treatment, and the machine incorporates renowned controllers, driving units, electromagnetism clutches, and bearings.

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TSUENSAINT APA Series High Precision Punching Machine APA15-400T

Discover the TSUENSAINT APA series high precision punching machine (APA15-400T). Engineered for precision, the machine body is expertly welded using premium quality steel sheet and undergoes meticulous tension elimination treatment. This not only enhances stability but also ensures the utmost reliability in precision operations. Elevate your manufacturing processes with the APA Series, a testament to cutting-edge technology and unwavering dependability.

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TSUENSAINT APM Series Closed Type Double Crank Precision Press Machine 110-600T

The TSUENSAINT APM series closed-type double crank precision press machine, available in tonnages ranging from 110 to 600 tons. This high-performance press is meticulously engineered with a machine body welded from quality steel sheets. The steel structure undergoes tension elimination treatment, enhancing the machine's stability and reliability. Ideal for precision applications, the APM Series stands as a testament to TSUENSAINT's commitment to delivering advanced and dependable press solutions for diverse industrial needs.

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TSUENSAINT APC SERIES Double Crank Precision Press Machine 110-315T

The TSUENSAINT APC series double crank precision press machine (110-315T) is crafted with precision in mind, the machine body is meticulously welded from quality steel sheets. Through a tension elimination treatment, this ensures enhanced stability and reliability, contributing to the precision of the machine. The press machine stands as a reliable solution, marrying robust construction with a commitment to achieving high-precision metalworking results.

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TSUENSAINT ASA/M Series Servo Press Continuous Metal Punching Machine 25-315T

The TSUENSAINT ASA/M series servo press continuous automatic hole punching press equipment, ranging from 25 to 315 tons. Engineered for advanced metal perforating, it features low noise and vibration, enhancing machine stability and ensuring precise product accuracy. The servo-driven system not only extends die life but also delivers consistent and high-quality perforations, ideal for applications demanding stringent standards.

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TSUENSAINT APG Series High Speed Precision Metal Stamping Press Punching Machine 60-550T

The TSUENSAINT APG series is a range of high-speed precision metal stamping presses, offering capabilities from 60 to 550 tons. Featuring a split casting frame made of high-strength cast iron with stress elimination, these machines ensure long-term stability in precision metal stamping operations. Additionally, the four pillars incorporate a hydraulic preload device, fastening twice the nominal force to the frame, guaranteeing high rigidity for the machine's body.

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TSUENSAINT APS Series Single Crank Power Precision Press Machine 100-1000T

The TSUENSAINT APS series single crank power precision press machines (100-1000T) feature a slide block mounted at the center of a case-type body. The wide work center, coupled with a connection bar structure, effectively eliminates tension, making these machines ideal for working with thick pieces. Explore the precision and power of the APS Series, offering a reliable solution for various pressing applications in metal forming and stamping processes.

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TSUENSAINT APU/W Series Eccentric Gear Precision Press Machine 300-2000T

The TSUENSAINT APU/W series eccentric gear precision press machine (300-2000T). Featuring an all-steel split fuselage for robust construction, an eccentric gear transmission ensures precision in metalworking. The machine incorporates four-corner octahedral guide rails for stable operations. With hydraulic overload protection and thin oil automatic lubrication, the APU/W Series exemplifies reliability, efficiency, and safety in a wide tonnage range, meeting diverse industrial needs.

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TSUENSAINT APN Series Close Type Single Crank High Precision Presses 160-600T

The TSUENSAINT APN series close-type single crank high precision presses, ranging from 160 to 600 tons. Partnering with AOMATE, we offer comprehensive support, including technical design and engineering expertise for appliance projects. Our press machines, renowned for high precision, reflect a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Choose TSUENSAINT for precision and AOMATE for dedicated technical support in realizing your projects.

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TSUENSAINT APD Series Semi-closed Precision Press Machine 80-315T

The TSUENSAINT APD series semi-closed precision press machine, available in tonnages ranging from 80 to 315 tons. Featuring a unique design with the slid board and slid board balancer at the same center, this configuration ensures even force distribution, promoting stable and precise motion. The APD Series stands as a testament to TSUENSAINT's commitment to precision engineering, making it an ideal solution for various industrial applications requiring stable and accurate metal forming.

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