Metal & Metallurgy Machinery

Metal & Metallurgy Machinery


TSUENSAINT Hook Button Metal Badge Die-casting Machine 300kn-2000kn

The TSUENSAINT hot chamber die casting press machine, designed for precision in producing hardware, hooks, buttons, and metal badges. With a clamping force ranging from 300kN to 2000kN, this machine excels in die-casting processes, ensuring high-quality and intricate results. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with TSUENSAINT's advanced technology for efficient and reliable production.

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TSUENSAINT Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Magnesium Alloy Products Clamping Force 1400kn-20800kn

The TSUENSAINT cold chamber die-casting machine, specifically crafted for magnesium alloy products. With a versatile clamping force spanning from 1400kN to 20800kN, this machine ensures precision and efficiency in the production of magnesium alloy components. Trust in a reliable solution designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs, delivering optimal performance across a broad clamping force range.

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